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Broadband via Wireless

Broadband via Wireless
Our Broadband via Wireless service is delivered to your home or business using wireless technology which in most cases requires line of sight to one of our towers located throughout our service area. A site survey can be completed to verify service availability.

  • 1 mbps - 69.99/mo.
  • 2 mbps - 89.99/mo.
  • 3 mbps - 129.99/mo.
  • 5 mbps - 234.99/mo.
  • 10 mbps - 299.99/mo.
  • Installation - 175.00
  • Dedicated and point to point services are also available. Contact us for more information.
*Speeds listed are sustained connection rates. Connections will typically burst significantly faster than the sustained rate.

Broadband via wireless with DSL Backup - Never go Down
For the customer who just can't be down, ever. Our broadband via Wireless service can become even more reliable by combining it with our Qwest DSL service. Combining our Qwest DSL service with our Broadband via Wireless service creates an extremely reliable connection. The switch between wireless and DSL is completely seamless and automatic, you are even able to continue to use the same IP addresses on either connection.

DSL Backup service can be added to any Broadband via Wireless account for an additional 75.00/mo. plus Qwest service charges, and a one time additional 50.00 setup fee.

*DSL Backup service requires Qwest DSL service availability.