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Internet Services

Our Internet service speeds start at 1 mbps and can reach speeds of 10+ mbps depending on your location. Dedicated connections are also available starting at 3 mbps and up. We also offer DSL service via Qwest.

Through our strategic relationship with Applied Data Solutions, LLC. ADS customers will receive an additional benefit when using our services. Accelerated Internet Solutions' customers are not speed restricted when performing backups to ADS' Offsite Backup servers.* This means that your backups complete faster and more reliably while interfering less with your normal Internet usage.

We offer the following Internet Services:

Broadband via Wireless Services
Qwest DSL Services
Dedicated Ethernet Services

Other Services

Accelerated Internet Solutions also offers a range of other Internet related services. Other Services offered by AIS are:

  • Point to Point and WAN Services
  • DNS Hosting for Domain Names
  • Email Hosting
  • Web Hosting
Please contact us for more information and pricing on our other services at:

* Uncapped Speeds for backup are not available for AIS Qwest DSL customers. Uncapped speeds are not guaranteed at any specific level and will reach top speeds as available to the customer's location.